Tom Shepherd – Star Lawyers Series

Tom Shepherd launched his new Star Lawyers series, which readers describe as “Star Trek meets Law&Order”.

With the colorful characters and futuristic combat of Space Opera, the mysteries and courtroom battles of a legal thriller set in the thirty-second century, and the un-usual suspects—both alien and human—from cultures across the galaxy, Shepherd’s stories sizzle with action, romance, and humor.

And a shape-shifter cat, a pleasure house starship full of holographic whores reprogrammed as ship’s crew and legal assistants. A pair of brothers manages the crew and they set up a law practice along the Galactic Rim to escape the clutches of their father, the wealthiest and most powerful mogul in the Terran Commonwealth. Their fiery Latina mother hunts pirates as Admiral-in- Chief of the Family Fleet.

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StarDate (Star Lawyers Origins Book 1)

STARDATE (Star Lawyers Origins Book 1)
StarDate (Star Lawyers Origins Book 1) is available for pre-order and launching October 8th!

You’ll be surprised to discover when humans first encountered FTL and Jump Gates, and to meet the first “Star Lawyer” of them all — in the twenty-first century!

“Mark, I’m telling you. She’s an alien.”

Mark Bricchetti loves reading about dinosaurs and munching pizza. But his everyday life is about to explode into far-flung adventure. At lunch in the eighth grade commons, Mark’s best friend, Aaron, warns him about the new girl in school. “Mark, I’m telling you. She’s an alien.” Well, she did have red-golden hair and yellow eyes. When Keshikka whispers a phone number to him, Mark decides to risk alien abduction by taking her to a movie. It’s a day which begins with great possibilities. But Mark has no idea the date will take him to worlds he could not imagine, where the fate of Earth lands in his hands. Of course, it will involve aliens. And dinosaurs. Stardate is an action-adventure-science fiction whirlwind for readers who love a good tale, middle school to retirement complex.

Knife Fight at Olathe-5 (Star Lawyers Book 0)

Tom Shepherd - Knife Fight at Olathe-5 - Star Lawyers


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Jump Gate Omega (Star Lawyers Book 1)

Without Jump Gate Omega, the Terran Commonwealth may not survive.

In trouble far from Terra, facing trial in an alien court? Welcome aboard the starship Patrick Henry, refurbished pleasure ship converted into a flying law office building, with former holographic prostitutes re-purposed as crew and legal staff.

Tyler shook his head. “Specify, Dad. What do you want us to do?”
His father glared at him. “Go to the Rim, sue those amphibious bastards for everything they’ve got, and get Jump Gate Omega on track again!”

If the new Matthews Corporation Jump Gate fails to span 2.5 million light years to the Andromeda galaxy, the heavily invested star-faring civilization of the Milky Way will face economic ruin and brutal war.

The Star Lawyers must run a gauntlet to the Rim, dodging pirates, politicians, prelates, and predatory star nations intent on seizing the new Gate to Andromeda.

Rollicking sci-fi fun, packed with humor, romance and deep space adventure, punctuated with courtroom battles on alien worlds. Readers have dubbed the Star Lawyers series “Trek meets Law & Order.”

Without Jump Gate Omega, the Terran Commonwealth may not survive.

You can buy or borrow Jump Gate Omega (Star Lawyers Book 1) directly on Amazon.

Forbidden Sanctuary (Star Lawyers Book 2)

Forbidden Sanctuary (Star Lawyers Book 2)

What terrible secrets will Tyler Matthews and his Star Lawyers discover within the Forbidden Sanctuary on the mysterious, sacred planet Adao-2?

Can the legal team from Matthews Interstellar Industries learn the truth in time to save M-double-I’s century-long quest to open Jump Gate Omega, bridge the 2.5 million light years to the Andromeda galaxy, and prevent economic ruin and war in the Milky Way?

While Tyler, J.B., Rosalie and Lucy (her shapeshifter cat) battle pirates and religious fanatics, Suzie and her holographic A.I. colleagues—former ladies of the night, re-purposed as legal assistants and starship crew– face an even deadlier foe. This unknown enemy threatens to delete all the starship Patrick Henry’s programs and terminate their existence forever.

To make matters worse, Cousin Esteban languishes in prison on Suryadivan Prime, where the former Catholic monk faces a death sentence for crimes he did not commit.

The Star Lawyers adventure continues in Book 2, Forbidden Sanctuary.

What terrible secrets will Tyler Matthews and his Star Lawyers discover within the Forbidden Sanctuary on the mysterious, sacred planet Adao-2?

You can buy or borrow Forbidden Sanctuary (Star Lawyers Book 2) directly on Amazon.

The Blue King Murders (Star Lawyers Book 3)

The Blue King Murders (Star Lawyers Book 3)

Some places, it’s a crime to be human… 

Star Lawyers Book 3 – The Blue King Murders picks up right after Book 2 – Forbidden Sanctuary. Tyler Matthews divides the legal team in half to wage courtroom battles on worlds half a galaxy apart. The Star Lawyers must defend Mr. Blue, their Quirt-Thymean friend and fellow attorney, for the murder of his King. But defending a regicide carries a penalty of death—for his lawyer! Meanwhile, J.B., Rosalie, and Suzie fly to a Mek colonial world to defend their mischievous Uncle Charlie, who’s charged with seduction and sedition among the matriarchal Meklavites. With Tyler’s penchant for attracting enemies, he’s soon dodging killer robots, fending off insurrectionists, and evading professional assassins, while J.B.’s team fights to escape the clutches of binary black holes that were not supposed to be in their flight path. Add to the mix a pair of beautiful, seductive alien queens with pheromonic powers and a conspiracy at the highest level of Quirt-Thymean society to launch wars of conquest like the old days of the Empire. The Star Lawyers adventure continues.

Some places, it’s a crime to be human…

You can buy or borrow The Blue King Murders (Star Lawyers Book 3) directly on Amazon.


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About Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd flew medical evacuation helicopters in Vietnam, where he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Air Medal, and the Purple Heart. He has worked as a Japanese linguist, public school teacher, and graduate school instructor. Shepherd is originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, but lived in Alaska, Germany, Indochina, and the Republic of Korea. He spent the balance of of his professional career working with churches in the Deep South, California, and the Midwest and serving as Professor of Religious Studies at Unity Institute near Kansas City, Missouri. Author of a wide array of
articles and nonfiction books, plus more than twenty plays and two novels for the middle grades, Dr. Shepherd “retired” in 2016 to write novels full time.

Star Lawyers is his new series, which readers have described as “Star Trek meets Law&Order.” Tom Shepherd lives with his wife, Carol-Jean, and their genial pit bull, Riley, in Tucson, Arizona.