STRENGTH – RECIPROCITY – RETALIATION : Motto of the Parvian Republic


STRENGTH, RECIPROCITY, RETALIATION : Motto of the Parvian Republic

The Parvian Republic – Origins 

The Parvian Republic was a predatory star nation until eight centuries ago, when they entered a consolidation phase after conquering and annexing all their neighbors. The Republic commands a large colonial and commercial domain from their homeworld in the Luyaden system of the Orion Ring, sixteen thousand light years Spinward of the Terran Commonwealth. Parvians have colonial worlds scattered throughout the galaxy, to include a lengthy frontier with the Quirt-Thyme Empire.

First and foremost a race of explorers, the Parvians began their forays into uncharted space thousands of years before humans walked on the moon.

At first, Parvians approached newly discovered sentient beings like Cortez blundering into the unknown Aztec civilization. Parvia was a military society, ruled by a coalition of religious potentates and warlords, so they viewed new races through the haughty lens of Conquerors.

“Dominate or Be Dominated” was the Parvian rubric for expansion. And there was a darker side to their explorations. 

The Parvian Republic – Expansion and Genocide

When a First Contact species was sufficiently different from humanoid physiology—an insectoid, reptoid, or totally unexpected expression of intelligent life—Parvians destroyed the locals in sweeping extermination of inferior life forms.

The process of Parvian expansion and genocide continued unabated for three millennia. Several other star nations have done the same, notably the Lutzak Horde. Predictably, such brutal policies did not endear them to wholly alien species. Terran deep space explorer, Aurelio Lupetti, discovered this longstanding distaste for humanoids when the first alien ship he encountered opened fire without fanfare or warning. 

The Parvian Republic – Pragmatic Voice of the First Jool-Gheri

Eight hundred years before the events of the Star Lawyers series, a great reformer arose on Parvia Prime, daughter of the Presiding officer in the Chamber of Lords. Her name was Jool-Gheri, a golden-haired beauty who blazed like a comet among the religio-political stars of her day. She challenged the old, unquestioned “Dominate or Be Dominated” mantra with a new vision of life in a multi-species Cosmos. Her message centered around the ancient Parvian tribal virtue of reciprocity, which she interpreted as respect for the diverse forms of intelligent life created by the Universe.

But the first Jool-Gheri was still Parvian, daughter of a thousand generations of warrior people. So her formula included a pragmatic twist: Strength, Reciprocity, Retaliation. Sail the stars in strength. Greet others with friendliness and peace, expecting they will treat you the same. Utterly destroy anyone who does not.

The Parvian Republic – Evolutionary Biology and Ziegler’s Theory

A textbook case for Wolfgang Zeigler’s Theory of Humanoid Efficiency, Parvians are almost identical to Homo sapiens, although the two races evolved on thousands of light years apart and share no common DNA markers. They have a more robust circulatory system and a liver which is immune to abuse by human standards. Parvians are physically stronger than Terrans due to slightly higher gravity on their homeworld, but their senses of smell and distance vision are not as sharp. And they live about twice as long as humans on average. Remarkably, Terrans and Parvians are sexually compatible and with a nudge from modern science the two species can interbreed.

The Parvian Republic – Religion

Parvians tolerate all religions which do not preach violence against the innocent, but thousands of root religions have merged into two basic faith groups, perhaps influenced by contact with alien ideologies over the long centuries of starflight. Exo-anthropologists, like Rosalie Matthews, classify these as Polytheistic Monism and Nontheistic Nature Worship, with dozens of faith groups under the catchall categories.

The Polytheistic Monists worship dizzying array of gods and goddesses but believe all of these are actually expressions of the One Divine Present and Power which causes the Universe to exist. Nontheistic Nature Worshippers, their opposites on the faith spectrum, hold that nothing divine or supernatural exists. They meditate and pray to the Universe itself, glorying in its infinite expressions and accepting pain and ecstasy as by-products of existence.

Most citizens of the Republic are nominally members of a faith tradition which aligns with one of the above categories, but beyond household rituals and public observances such as holidays, the populace seems content to live a secular life however it unfolds.

The Parvian Republic – Society

Parvians are omnivores and lovers of good food and drink. They laugh heartily and have no discernible inhibitions about sexuality. Over eighty percent of the population is bisexual. They are polyamorous with nothing comparable to formal marriage but often pair up for life, albeit without exclusivity or apparent issues with jealousy.

Most are blonde, blue-eyed, and fair skinned, but a sizeable minority evolved in equatorial regions and developed darker hair and complexion. Genetics favor neither, so dark Parvians mating with lighter partners pass along all the genetic markers for both geographical variations.

The Parvian Republic – Military Forces

They maintain one of the most powerful navies in space with a substantial ground forces to seize and hold anyone foolish enough to attack them. As Noah Matthews says in Book 5 – The Stellar Light Conspiracy, “Parves don’t start fights, they end them.”

The Parvian Republic – In Star Lawyers

Readers of the Star Lawyers series will encounter the Parvians firsthand starting with Book 4 – House of the Silent Moons, where a descendent of the original Jool-Gheri crashes into Tsuchiya Galactic’s plot to dominate the spacefaring humanoid races of the 32nd century and comes to the aid of Tyler Matthews during the trial Flávio Tavares at the Pirate world Libertalia.

Meanwhile, warn all your ships sailing the lanes of galactic commerce: “Don’t F— with the Parves.”

Tom Shepherd

Tucson, AZ